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About us

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Founder and CEO, Jeremy Furrow, has been in the

coffee industry for over 15 years.

in college He started a coffee catering business

that eventually became a coffee stop (not shop)

in downtown lincoln. a few short years later he

started a mobile coffee shop by outfitting a

retired ambulance.

while researching coffee equipment,a google

search found something that immediately

connected with the 80's nerd-child in him and he

began connecting the dots between mobile coffee

and the ghostbusters. Fast forward to 2019 and

Roastbusters coffee was born.

Jeremy's amazing and talented wife, Amy, designed

the iconic logo and appropriately dubbed the little

fella 'Roasty'. Amy is also the social media

strategist helping keep you up to date. And when

they are not dreaming up what is next for roasty,

Jeremy and Amy are spending quality time with

their 3 daughters, Ruby, ellie, stevie and amy's

younger sister, faith or serving in their church.

if you have any questions about what we do,

how we do it or how you can be a part of it, reach out here!

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